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About Us

Investors 1stInvestors 1st was created as a project of the CFA Society of Milwaukee in May 2013. We are proud of its global expansion and the support investors rights and protections are receiving in communities around the world. The transition from Investors 1st to Putting Investors First is a part of this ongoing evolution.

We encourage you to participate in the CFA Society of Milwaukee’s future Putting Investors First events. The majority of the work we do as an organization is focused on providing our communities with the most professional and ethical investment services. We believe everyone benefits when there is fair and equal treatment of all investors. These are shared, ongoing goals of all CFA Societies globally and of the CFA Institute.

Putting investors first is a fundamental tenet of all CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Charterholders and candidates. It means the needs and interests of those we serve must come before our own interests or those of our firms. It is important to remember at all times that the money we deal with belongs to others and their interests must be our primary concern.

Whether an individual investor or a large institutional investor (such as insurance companies, pension funds, and mutual funds), investors provide valuable opportunities for economic growth and stability. This leads to increased job creation, rising incomes, a growing tax base, and economic diversity. By serving investor interests over our own, we help ensure that our financial and economic systems will remain strong and sound.

Investors 1st About UsAll investors, regardless of size or influence, should have the right to fair and equal treatment by financial service providers and in investment markets – worldwide. In this belief, we strongly recommend the Statement of Investor Rights as a tool for all investors.

We also believe it is important and beneficial for investors to be aware of issues and events occurring in our own country and globally that may affect you or your investments. To assist investors and investment professionals, the CFA Institute prepares and provides issue-oriented research on its website.

There are a number of projects reports, addressing the concerns of investors, available on the CFA Institute website that you may find of interest.

Most importantly, many investors are at a loss as to how to handle their investments – even hiring a professional to assist with the process can be a daunting task. Thus, the CFA Institute provides a number of investment resources for investors to use as tools.