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Professional Meeting Facilitator, LLC

Successful meeting facilitation requires not only an experienced facilitator, but also a facilitator who can fully comprehend your topic.

You need a professional who is comfortable facilitating from a position of control and who will direct your meeting to success. Professional facilitation benefits from the independence of the facilitator. When the person leading your meeting doesn't have a personal agenda, more can be accomplished.

Bill McGinnis uses an approach that is highly focused on the needs of your organization. It involves significant study of your organization, the goals for the meeting and an understanding of the individual participants. He works to build trust and comfort between himself as the facilitator and the meeting participants prior to the meeting. That allows more progress to be made during the meeting.

His background as a successful business executive and investment analyst has given him the broad-based experience to lead your meeting or conference. Too many facilitators lack the business background to effectively run your meeting. You will find Bill comfortable and competent to run most meetings. Professional Meeting Facilitator, LLC is your meeting facilitation solution!